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Loafers….Is a lace-less,low cut shoe with a low heel.Because they were comfortable shoes for lounging – their journey , however , would take them from boardrooms to classroom around the world

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Y we call ‘em loafers

Loafers are for people who loaf. And you’ll never guess who people that loaf are. They’re Norwegian farmers off to see their cows. You see, the cattle loafing area is the place on a farm where the cows are taken to be milked. And Norwegian farmers used a certain, convenient slip-on shoe to get out to this loafing area. Hence it’s called a loafer.


Mr bass’s Wife’s lips

In 1934, John R Bass, Maine shoemaker of repute, introduced a loafer with a bar bridge across it, and christened it the Weejun to sound like Norwegian. The bar bridge was supposedly shaped like Mr Bass’s wife’s lips. It was as if Mrs Alice Bass were kissing the feet of her husband as he left the house every day.


In 1950s it was occasionally used by students to carry a penny or a dime, in the event of an emergency phone call. Hence the penny loafer. Any or all of these facts may be erroneous, mythical or just plain made up (would the penny fall out if you ran anywhere?). But they are satisfying – a stylistic, philological and cultural history rolled into one.



The penny loafer has a leather strap across the top of the shoe, designed with a diamond-shaped slot that can hold a small coin. Although there are several theories as to why the diamond gap in the shoe exists, it holds its place as a fashion legend as the gentlemen’s shoe. The beauty of the penny loafer is its versatility; the shoe can be dressed up or down easily and works with most outfits,


Do u Confuse slip-on  shoes with  loafers?

Sometime men confuse slip-on shoes with loafers..As you can slip on the shoe just like a loafer but it lacks the moccasin seam on the uppers and looks more like a regular oxford or  borgue





Penny loafer in world war                          The loafer came to the U.S. after the post-World War I "Lost Generation" wandered into Norway and brought back comfortable leather shoes like those worn by cattle farmersthere,according to an account in "The New York Times." G.H. Bass began making them in1936 and called them "Weejuns" -- sounding faintly Native American, but in fact a contraction of Norwegians. Meanwhile, Norwegian shoemaker Aurland had made a lace-up predecessor for British salmon lords in Norway and took a prototype to sell at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, according to the company's website. Aurland took inspiration from America -- Native American moccasins -- thatevolved into selling its own version of the penny loafer.




Abt’ Designs and sty’les


It is a classic casual and formal style loafers for men .it is softly  constructed  from a supple leather,synthetic or suede, which is meant to be worn comfortably without socks. They usually have flat bottoms with grippe rubber "grommets" rather than heeled soles that could get caughton the edge ofthe pedal.

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Characteristics of a Loafer

1.   Lace less shoe.

2.   Low shoes, i.e. the ankle is exposed, and they do not wrap snugly around the ankle

3.   Separate sole

4.   An (often low) heel

5.   The upper vamp has a moccasin-like construction

6.   Sometimes loafers feature a piece of leather across the vamp, which is known as a saddle




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 Socks  styling Tips on wearing loafer

With Socks..              

While !pairing loafers with shorts or 3/4 trousers, you can easily do away with socks. Canvas loafers look cooler without socks. Same can be said about suede loafers provided they are in dark colours. While going with genuine leather or faux leather loafers, it is better to team them up with contrasting socks. Length of your socks will be decided by the length of your trousers.
For example, wear shorter socks while donning shorts or 3/4s and vice-versa. Do not go for extremely formal monotone socks as loafers are meant to be casual or semi-formal footwear at the best. Give a go to bolder shades and patterns to spice things further. Avoid white socks. White socks outside playing fields and gyms are a cardinal sin of fashion.



Without  Socks…

       You could rock no-socks without any supporting materials, but we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s tough on your feet and on your shoes, and both could use a little extra TLC. Eliminate the unpleasantries that can come with sporting bare ankles with:

Tanned or brown loafers typically goes better with jeans or chinos than black loafers




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